Our Covid19 Procedures

Our Health Protocols

Check in: at 15.30
Check out: at 10.30
Physical distancing: 1.5 m at all times, no hand shaking
During cleaning we use masks, special clothing and pertinent shoes
Keys are disinfected in a UV sterilizing device
Hand washing for a minimum of 30 secs pre and after every procedure
Disinfection of guest apartments and common areas using special agents/detergents and steam (>70 Celsius)
Disinfection of common areas regurarly during the day
GDPR compliant: we collect only necessary to communication guest  information as directed by law, the ministry of health and the police and we do not use it in any other way or pass it to third parties
Healthfirst certification by the ministry of tourism

General Information about Health Protocols in Tourism

Greece is introducing a new certification seal – named “Health First” – which will be mandatory for all hotels and other tourist accommodation establishments in the country. The seal, which will assure that a hotel complies with the announced health protocols, must be displayed in the reception area.

The specifications for the reopening of Greece’s hotels apply to all types of tourist accommodation establishments regardless of technical and operational features, classification, type and duration of operation.
Every hotel in Greece is obliged to draw up and follow a protocol in accordance with the instructions of the Tourism Ministry.

 See here the Health Protocols of Tourist Businesses.

For further information by the National Public Health Organisation click here

Fo further information by the National Secretariat for Civil Protection click here.